Balkan Urban Movement is organizing international training for 25 young activists engaged in international and national level. In order to point out why it is necessary to connect young activists and cooperate for gender equality, training will be based on various topics civil society is mobilized around. Training will provide insights about the activism structure and discuss main points in policies that need to be improved. It will start by learning about the lobbying, strategic communication and international initiatives and participants will be able to act upon achieving the wished change after the closure of this project. It will also brainstorm different safeguards on how to ensure that international experience reach national level and other way around. Special focus will be given on women-to-women activism.

Training will be held in Vrsac, Serbia from 23rd – 28th of February 2016. After the training, the promotional campaign will run to address the topic. The campaign message will be prepared in a form of short movie about the international women activists and benefits they could bring to women activism on a national level. It will be made by participants of the training.

If you are interested in this event you can download below call for participants and application form.

Deadline for this call is 20th of January, 2016.