The Youth Council of Belgrade and Balkan Youth Union organized a celebration of Europe day through 11 different events from 8th to 12th of May in cooperation with European Movement in Serbia.The Youth Council of Belgrade and Balkan Youth Union coordinated three activities: preparation and printing of 2500 copies of brochure named »EVROPA MLADIMA« about Europe Day which was distributed throughout all events organized within this period; organization of cocktail party for representatives of embassies, government institutions, non-government organizations and media, held at 07:00 PM on May 8th in the café-club of Faculty of Fine Arts “Akademija” before the central event – a multimedia presentation of EU countries. The cocktail party also included a degustation of national cuisines and beverages of EU countries as well as countries that will become a part of EU in 2004. It was attended by over 100 guests.

The multimedia event began in 10:00 PM in club “Akademija” with over 600 young people participating. Young people dressed in kits of national football teams or traditional costumes of countries that will enter EU in 2004 were giving away brochures “EVROPA MLADIMA” and printed materials of Youth Council of Belgrade and youth program “BuNT!”.Students of Faculty of Philology that study languages of countries that shall become a part of EU in 2004promoted culture and art of those countries.Music inspired by folk motives was played at two different locations. Cinematography of these countries and short travelogues were presented on two video screens in two sections of the club. A quiz on the European Union and integration was also organized on a small stage and the winners were awarded appropriate gifts.

The event was followed by four TV channels and a number of other media representatives.