Challenge Day – global event dedicated to promotion of healthy life style will be organised by the Sports Association “Stari grad”, BalkanYouth Association, and Belgrade Youth Council for the informal program network “Belgrade in New Wave – BuNT!”, Task force for health and sport. This year Belgrade will compare the percentage of citizens who were involved in a physical activityor sport activity for at least 15 minutes with cities from Romania and Thailand. The Project “Day of Challenges” in the Municipality of Stari Grad has been designed as an all-day activity at different attractive locations in the City of Belgrade.

Reebok Open Street Basketball Championship of Stari Grad Municipality will be organised on courts of Basketball Club “CrvenaZvezda” at Mali Kalemegdan 2. It begins at 2 h PM with over 20 applied teams. Best ranked teams in categories (men between 18 and 35 and older than 35 and women older than 18) will receive prizes and will represent the municipality in the city competition. DJ support and refreshments have been provided for the competition.

The paintball tournament will begin the same time, on the court of Paintball Club “Arena no.1”on Ada Ciganlija. The competitors will be the representatives of media (TV B-92, TV STUDIO-B, RTS, 3 KANAL, TV POLITIKA, TV BK, TV METROPOLIS, BETA) and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Education and Sports, City Assembly, Secretariat for Sports and Youth, Belgrade Youth Council and Sport Association Stari Grad. Sixteen teams will be competing.