This project aims to contribute to positive changes in government policy and practice by increasing civil society participation in decision-making on community safety and arms control issues.  It focuses on three key areas: 1) developing institutional capacity of partners to act as leaders in the process of change; 2) encouraging local participation in making communities safer; and 3) supporting development of the regional NGO network on small arms.  Target groups include local NGOs, residents and the general public, and a wide range of community leaders. It will create sustainable local links between the civil sector and local democratic structures, strengthening the democratic process and contributing towards lasting peace, development and security across the region.

The partners were: the Centre for Security Studies (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Forum for Civic Initiatives (Kosovo), Civil (Macedonia), Balkan Youth Union (Serbia), and Saferworld (United Kingdom).

The pilot communities were: Trg Heroja (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), village of Gërmovë/Grmovo (Kosovo), Old Town (Skopje, Macedonia), Zeleni Venac (Belgrade, Serbia).

One of the aims of the pilot project was to test whether Participatory Rural Appraisal methods (PRA), more commonly used in community development work, can be used for community work on safety issues.