International project “Connecting through the music with Maribor International Orchestra 2012” (MIO2012)

International project “Connecting through the music with Maribor International Orchestra 2012” (MIO 2012), which has been built on basis of verified educational programs, makes the environment that provides improvement and progress to young musicians in professional as well as in personal life. Leaders of the program are excellent musicians and educators who also contributed to productivity and efficiency of the environment with their valuable experience and knowledge that represent the guarantee of achieving the highest artistic and professional criteria. The power of connection through the music makes the basis of this project that annually gathers young musicians from many countries and different social environments and provides them with a possibility to grow and to blossom with a help from and also along with famous musicians from across the globe.

MIO2012 is a combination of two fields: Orchestra Academy – Maribor International Orchestra 2012 and BranimirSlokar Academy – Master program for orchestra instruments, soloists and conductors. Participants are provided with possibilities of continuous intercultural dialog, detailed music studies, improvement of technical skills, professional development, acquiring skills necessary for progress and performing with internationally renowned European artists and pedagogues that will be engaged as educators and share their great knowledge, giving the best examples, socialising and exchanging huge experiences from their international careers.

The program has been established on basis of verified educational methods, enriched with flexibility and sustainability, in order to provide quality within defined short period of time. Furthermore, we encourage the cooperation and communication between soloists, conductors, leaders – leading instruments and orchestra, considering the fact that these two fields of the project are constantly intersecting each other. This system provides optimal conditions necessary for young musicians to learn and follow different phases of the process from studies, over performing to the phase when they are ready to be exposed on a professional level. The project has an international character and it annually hosts renowned European artists, which gives participants the opportunities that they do not have on a local level.

The project is co-financed by European Committee within the Programme for Culture 2007-2013, under the administration of Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency(EACEA). The project has been organised by “GlasbenaMatica Ljubljana”, Institute of Art and Culture Delavnica Maribor, Civic Association BUM (Balkan Urban Movement), Organisation for Cultural Cooperation “Interkultura” (Macedonia) and from 2012 also Festival Ljubljana (until 2012 it was one of the hosts of tours of Maribor International Orchestra).

In 2012 musicians from different countries will meet in Ljubljana where they will be entrusted with the noble mission of Ambassadors of the European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012. MIO2012 will be presented to the audience across the Europe and further, through concerts, television and radio emissions during the project realization and through audio/video materials afterwards. The purpose of MIO2012 is to educate, promote, stimulate and connect talented musicians in order to achieve excellence in the new cultural environment and also to emphasize cultural diversity which initiates changes in society, enriches and widens the perspectives of European culture.