Training/seminar designed to empower and to educate youth NGOs from Vojvodina and Serbia on how to develop more efficient programs to fight against xenophobia in the multi-ethnic communities.

During the preparation period, BYU paid attention on the creation of the application form and tried to make the best possible selection of the participants as the first important precondition for successful communication and work in working groups.

In general, program had many interesting workshops in order to tackle topics such as ignorance, the existence of the prejudices among youth, work with media and building awareness raising campaigns.
Presentations were also very important part of the programme and the topics were introduction of the Compass, EYF resource centre and program “All different – All equal” and experience in the field of xenophobia.
The content of the workshops followed the daily lectures and presentations. The methodological background was partially in COMPASS, partially in previous experiences of BYU gained through the trainings of DFID and UNDP. For the workshops we used various training manuals from our previous work developed during the organization of different educational seminars in the past. Thanks to the help and support of DFID, BYU developed many interesting models for facilitation of the seminar and we often use these methods.
Program had Morning and Afternoon sessions split in between by the lunch break. Facilitators started each session with an energizer.
Discussion were the most interesting part of the seminar and brought many very useful and constructive observations, suggestions and concrete plans for future work.
Every day we had a daily wrap-up (in different shapes)at the end and one evaluation of the whole seminar on the last day.
Days had starting at 10 am and ending between 19 and 19.30 pm Social program was organized at 21.00, after the dinner. It was very important part of the
seminar concerning the fact that these young people are from different ethnic groups.