54th Annual DPI/NGO Conference

NGOs Today: Diversity of the Volunteer Experience
United Nations, New York, 10-12 September 2001
The Department of Public Information’s 54th Annual Conference for Non-Governmental Organizations, “NGOs Today: 
Diversity of the Volunteer Experience”, will explore how the volunteer spirit of NGOs can better promote the principles and goals of the United Nations. While non-governmental organizations (NGOs) associated with the United Nations strive to be professional, inclusive and accountable in their work, it remains the spirit of volunteerism that provides the people power, the energy and the bulk of the funds to carry out their diverse activities. In this context, volunteerism refers to the broad range of support, including office work, field work, fundraising, outreach and events that organizations and individuals provide to the diverse community of not-for-profit organizations. From country to country and region to region, there are many ways in which this volunteerism manifests itself. Volunteerism is an expected way to participate in and contribute to the betterment of society in virtually all cultures. The Conference will explore the diversity of the volunteer experience around the world and identify ways in which this essential spirit can be amplified and put to better use. The subject of volunteerism will also be highlighted in conjunction with the International Year of Volunteers 2001 (IYV), which provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the achievements of millions of volunteers worldwide and to encourage more people globally to engage in volunteer activity.