Fifth International music festival and international contest for classic guitars- V GUITAR OPEN FESTIVAL, with slogan “INVEST IN YOURSELF” (Future Winners of Guitar Open Festival).

And the international competition of classical guitarists
11. 05. – 14. 05. 2011 – SUBOTICA

During the period of 11.05. to 14.05.2011. in Subotica, organized by the Balkan Urban Movement from Belgrade and the Center for Sustainable Development from Subotica, with the help of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia, the Austrian Forum-Assembly of Subotica, SAVAREZ and in cooperation with the Theater Dezső Kosztolányi and OKUD Mladost, held the fifth international music festival and international competition called guitar players of the Guitar Open Festival, the promotional slogan INVEST yourself (Future Winners of Guitar Open Festival).

The festival took place in several parts of the planned, from early morning to late evening hours, following the concept and content:
1st Evening concerts – evening program of 20h
2nd Master classes – afternoon program of 14h
3rd International categorized competition – morning program of 09h
4th After-hours Guitar Session program – from 22h – 01h

The concert program was carried out in all four evenings of the festival, from Monday to Thursday.

The first evening, the opening ceremony was held in the great hall of the theater “Kosztolányi Dezső”. The festival was opened by a member of the festival organizing committee Boris Saulić, where with few appropriate words introduced Subotica audience in the events in the coming days. In the first part of the concert performed by eminent guitar duo Taurus, and in the second part of last year’s winner of the competition Milena Petkovic. The concert featured virtuoso works of classical and modern periods, the fantastic performances of world-renowned duo, and inspired by the youthful interpretation Young winner.

Taurus duo, was created as an expression of the desire of two guitar players looking for a new sound. Zoran Anic and Relja Turudić represent the unique music repertoire – baroque, classicism works and contemporary music selecting compositions that are not common to the guitar. These compositions are not treated manirski, “guitar” more difficult to present a sound closest instruments to which these pieces written. At the same time affirm the guitar as a modern tool of immeasurable possibilities as rich sound even “traditional” piano. Achievements composer of contemporary music, Taurus duo have been carefully picked. Leo Brauer and Radames Njatali closest Anić and Turudic musical affinities, and strive to share these South American artists breathe freshness and richness of sound colors. A particular challenge for the Taurus duo’s music they themselves create. Author’s compositions flirt with jazz and popular music allow them to stretch limits virtuosity and creativity. As an artist, inspire each other. Anić lavish talent and superior musicianship, a good connection with Turudic composer impulses and ideas. They say that people born under the sign of the bull tend to consume. Taurus duo enjoys music and positive vibrations transmitted to the audience, as evidenced by their performances.

Zoran Anic, born in Belgrade, where he was marked as a great talent, began his musical education (guitar) and for only a few months of schooling has its first public performance and recording for National Radio. Master’s degree with highest marks at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, where he studied and doctoral studies. Besides regular study was educated at eminent professors such as Aleria Dias, Alexandre Lagoya, Dusan Bogdanovic, Roland Dyens, Costas Cociolis, Hubert Kappel and others. Winner of many international and national competitions. At the beginning known as a young talent, and later as a mature musician “virtuoso and inspired interpretations”, has been a large number of well-received concerts in the national and international news (Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina .. .). In addition to extensive solo career has been and fruitful career as a chamber musician performing in various chamber ensembles with local and foreign musicians. Notable are the performances with leading symphony, chamber orchestras and magazines. In addition to serious dealt with and alternative music. Smimio a large number of audio and video. He is a professor in the music school “Dr Vojislav Vuckovic” in Belgrade and an active lecturer and jury member at many international friendly festivals and competitions. The founder of the Association of classical guitarists of Serbia and the founder and director of the Guitar Open Festival in Subotica. He is the founder and Charter President of Rotary Club Beograd-center.

Relja Turudić, Belgrade guitarist, graduated in 2001 at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He acquired huge knowledge through seminars of famous guitarists (Aniello Desiderio, Dusan Bogdanovic, Vojislav Ivanovic …). In Ljubljana (2008) he successfully completed postgraduate studies guitar at the Music Academy in Ljubljana with prof. Thomas Rajterić. Enrolled in tertiary education in the Faculty of Music. Successfully dealing with pedagogy and popularizing the guitar in Belgrade in the first music school “Binički”. Training and educational work continues in Slovenia in Ljubljana. As an educator pointed out the fact that his students have won prizes in national and international competitions. He is a professor in the music school in Vrsac. He was a member of the guitar quartet Amarcord (2004) the only ensemble of its kind in Slovenia. Since 2008, has its own chamber ensemble TURUDIC – bulbs QUARTET (guitar, piano, bass and drums). As a member and creator of the composition, and as a soloist was successfully performed in concerts both on the domestic scene and throughout Europe.

Milena Petkovic was born in 1986 in Prizren. Secondary Music School Josip Slavenski in Belgrade in 2005 with degrees in three sections – music theory, guitar prof. Nenad Kondic and lute with prof. Darko Karajic. She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of Professor Zoran Krajisnik. During the study participated in several international competitions. 2006 at the Guitar Festival in Kyustendil (Bulgaria) and 2010 at Naissus Guitar Festival in Niš, won two other awards; and at last year’s Guitar Open Festival in Subotica, won first prize. She has performed in all major cities in Vojvodina, as a soloist, in chamber ensembles and with orchestra guitar Academy of Arts. Currently working as a teacher of guitar at the Music School in Vrbas.

Other evening happenings are moved to the premises of a jazz club SAX in which they performed glossy band GUITARS-and composed of four guitars, bass and percussion. In the warm atmosphere of the club and a great visit staged a memorable evening with memorable guitar hits.

Group “Gitarsi” originated as an idea that pop music arranged in flamenco, classical and pop manner of playing the acoustic guitar, demonstrate and portray in a new way that is not yet represented in our estrade scene. Group consists of four skilled, university-educated, young musicians: Vladan Stojiljkovic, Dalibor Naumović, Bojan Ivanovski and Goran Kovacic, and the rhythm section and bass guitar. His single “Welcome sweetie” are presented on the radio festival in Serbia and are working on the first album. Author team consists of Goran Kovacic and Aleksandra Milutinović who based his ten-year career consolidate on one of the leading positions in the world of domestic pop music! The main vocal is Vladan Stojiljkovic, while all arrangements and guitar parts are working Gitarsi!
The third evening was reserved for the famous and renowned local artist. There was a famous pop singer Zeljko Vasic accompanied by the great guitarist Goran Kovacic and Dalibor Naumović. Before a packed club Sax performed a copyrighted work of this great singer and composer as well as the big hits of domestic pop scene.

Zeljko Vasic’s debut on the local music scene in 2000, at the Festival Sunny scale when he performed the song a woman like you. 2003 Željko re-appearance at the said festival, this time with the song You follow in the footsteps captured third place. The next year the publishing house BK Sound publishes his first studio album, a maxi single, INTRO. Confirmation of their tiražnosti and superior quality Zeljko Vasic for album INTRO got more coming in 2005 when the Eurovision won the award for best debut edition. In the same year, followed by numerous awards and honors the most eminent domestic television and radio stations. After several months of study work, at the end of 2006, Zeljko Vasic announces new single. Introducing the song only mine that is like the title track announced his second studio, but also the first standard album. The album appeared on sale in June 2008 for a record label Goraton. With the current CD Zeljko is presented to the audience as much as 5 video clips (only mine, when you’re with him, I do not need you, all of sleep, do not believe me). At the end of the year arrived and definitive confirmation of the quality Zeljko Vasic, who is due to one of the best-selling release in 2008. Pop singers take the title at the Radio Festival. The event Belgrade Winner, held in February, Zeljko Vasic has won the best pop singer and best pop album in the past year.

The closing ceremony was held in the great hall of the theater “Kosztolányi Dezső”. After the formal announcement of the winners and award ceremony, the audience addressed the artistic director of the festival, which officially closed the festival. The following evening, as the culmination of the concert program of the festival, performed by the Austrian duo VIOLARRA. The concert helped and financially supported by the Austrian Forum. Composed of top musicians, Johann Palier – guitar and Helfried Fister – violin, have prepared, packed the club theater, spectacular evening. The stunning and fascinating interpretation of the classic music literature, and modern work written especially for the duo, prepared a concert worthy closing the audience and welcomed artists referring to bis. Through work Tartini, Giuliani but to modern composers such as Zebinger, Garcia and Piazzolla showed the wealth and long tradition of serious music typical of Austria, the native land of great composers and artists.

Name Violarra was created by combining the Italian names for the instruments that make this a very successful Austrian duo. The rich concert career of this duo (Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia Republic, Guatemala, South Korea, England, Poland, Germany) was crowned with numerous CD releases ( “Air”, “An die Musik”, etc.) that are encountered on the excellent reviews. Currently two more CDs in the preparation; one of modern music of Austrian composer and another with baroque repertoire.
Helfried Fister was educated at the Carinthian Conservatorium of Music with prof. Gustav Mayer’s and then at the State University of Music in Cologne with prof. Igor Ozim and prof. Günther Kehr’s.
He worked as an assistant professor. Ozim at the University of Music in Cologne. Since 1989 the head of the violin at the Carinthian Conservatorium of Music and at J.J.Fux Conservatorium of Music in Graz. 1997-1999 he was a visiting professor of the University of Music in Graz. Along with his lecturing engagement, Helfried Fister is an active session musician, lecturer and member of the jury. He has a large number of recordings for radio and television in Australia, Mexico, Slovenia and Austria.
Johann Palier completed his studies at the Musikhochschule in Graz, within which won the first prize at the International Competition in Volos (GR). He held a number of solo and chamber concerts (Duo Violarra) and recorded radio and television programs throughout the world (Europe, Asia, Central America). Released six CDs; last CD, “Johann Palier ½ old – ½ new”. (Includes footage Rodrigovog Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra “Concierto de Aranjuez”). Assistant to the MHS Graz. Professor at the Conservatory “J.J.Fux” in Graz. In particular that is engaged as a; many of his students have won international competitions and contests. Director of the International Guitar Festival in Seckau-Monastery, Austria (

2nd master classes
Master classes are held for a period of four days, a top world and domestic pedagogues and performers. Master classes were held in the afternoon from 15h to 17h, in the premises of OKUD YouTube. The participants of the festival, kotizanti, had the opportunity to direct contact with professors, improve their knowledge of the interpretative and technical domain and that the conversation they get the information how and where they can continue with their education abroad. Also, it was to say and how to each of them individually due to the selection of programs for future competitions and public appearances and how to promote themselves in the future through adequate written biography, staging, etc.

Jednoetapno categorized competition for primary and secondary music schools took place in the five (5) categories of musicianship (categorized by years of education) with a certain program, the minutes specified by categories and in one stage.
I category – students and second grade primary music school: 5 min. free program – two to three compositions of different character;
Category II – III and IV grade primary music schools: 5-8 min. free program – two to three compositions of different character;
III category – V and VI grade primary music school: 8-10 min. free program – two to three compositions of different character;
IV category – I and II grade secondary music school: 10-15 min. free program – more compositions of different character;
In the category – III and IV grade of secondary music school: 15-20 min. free program – more compositions of different character.
PRO category (35 years and younger) – the assigned composition: composition of the twentieth century (modern composer optionally) and program. The total number of minutes to 25 minutes.

Categorization, length of playing and choice programs were designed to coincide with the plans and programs which exceed pupils during the year. Also, the insistence on the performance of the composition of different stylistic periods gives easier access to professional jury in understanding and level of performance for each athlete individually. The competition was held in two halls of the Children’s Theater OKUD YouTube. Each competitor were provided conditions for a warm-up before the show in the classrooms of the music school.
The jury was made up of prominent foreign and local teachers and musicians. The common conclusion is that the guitar and Serbian school of guitar on enviably high level and that competition after competition, therefore, occupies a high place among other festivals in the region and Europe.

Rewarded by categories received the following industry awards:
First kits guitar accessories (sets wire French manufacturer Savarez, guitar case, note counters, shirts and other materials), provided from the fund of the festival.
Second-registration fee to participate in other international festivals (International guitar festival Murska Sobota (Slovenia), Guitar Art Belgrade, Guitar Summer Fest Herceg Novi, Bar guitar fest, Niksic guitar festival)
3rd Certified diploma of participation, success and completed courses.

German first link 1 and 98 pts.
Nemanja Nikolic and second 96 2 pts.
And third Boglarka Božoki 3 94 pts.

First Zoltai Dome 97 1 pts.
2. Find and Janjic 1 97 pts.
Third Azra Cvrk I2 91 points.

1. Novak Miljković 1 and 98 pts.
Milos Vukovic and second 96 2 pts.
3rd Marko Marisavljevic I 3 90 points.

First Uros Markovic and 1 98 pts.
Katarina Maric and second 97 2 pts.
3. Luke Radovanovic 3 and 92 points.

Milos cam and the first 1 97 pts.
Elias Tosic and second 92 2 pts.

1. Nikola Begovic 1 and 97 points.
Second Dimitry Pimanov I2 91 points.
3rd Vladislav Nilov I 3 90 points.