From 25th to 28th of April you will be able to see musicians from 5 countries. These are Nikčević-Bulatović Guitar DUO from Montenegro, Ivan Andonov & Kystendil Guitar Orchestra, Gabor Pokol from Hungary, Marcin Koziol from Poland, and GUITANEON Duo (Aleksandar Nikolić and Zoran Anić) from Serbia.

Darko Nikčević is a flamenco player, and Srđan Bulatović is a classical guitarist, first graduated master of guitar in Montenegro. They formed duet in 1991 and since then they have recorded albums DUO, Nostalgia, Dodir Crne Gore and Sinergija. They took part in many contests around the world and won many prestigious awards. They are authors of books for the lovers of a guitar.

Ivan Manolov Andonov is a professor of music and guitar. Kyustendil Guitar Orchestra has over 30 pieces of classical, modern and traditional Bulgarian music in their repertoire. This amateur orchestra is performing even on professional concert stages, thanks to the guidance of Andonov.

Gabor Pokol is young guitarist from Hungary. He started his education at the age of seven and since then he has taken part in many competitions as a chamber musician and as a soloist. His proficiency on guitar was proven when he has won The International Guitar Competition held in Szeged, Hungary in 2013.

The winner of the last year`s Guitar Open Festival, Marcin Koziol is a perspective Polish musician who has over twelve years of experience in playing guitar. He collaborated with numerous famous musicians and professors and won many international competitions.

GUITANEON Duo is comprised of Aleksandar Nikolić playing bandoneon and Zoran Anić playing guitar. They managed to create rich concert career, as they have collaborated with major orchestras, performed in many international festivals, won many international contests and held lectures for the students of music. This duet is an interesting mix of the first musician from the Balkans who plays bandoneon professionally and a great master of guitar. Together, they will take you on a journey of a magical fusion of sounds.