As a part of Guitar Open Festival, a four-day international seminar was held. The seminar brought together representatives of youth festivals from 10 countries, engaged in work of developing young talents and their further education as well as five young musicians and GOF promoters.

Due to the fact that professional development and nonformal educational services are not common in most of the musical educational institutions, International youth music festivals, such as GOF, offer the opportunity for necessary training and empowerment of young people through nonformal education.

According to this, the main aim of this seminar was adopting common guidelines and recommendations to the festivals in the region on how to improve the educational facilities at their festival.

As a result, a declaration that will set standards for the further education of young people on festivals is developed and adopted. The non-formal education is not just about music education, but also on personal development, personal growth, spending quality time, participation through new technology and youth participation in society.