We really started to like it ” Lajk It”! During last week youngsters from Vranje, Kamenica, Novi Pazar, Prizren, Pristina and Belgrade, gathered together for their first intercultural encounter and training. The week was filled with human rights education, karaoke parties, tips and tricks on how to resolve conflicts, cross-border friendships and young love, and lots of learning about each other, about social cohesion and understanding. Besides learning about the region, there was lots of talk about Europe, lots of creative thinking and creating posters and videos with positive messages and making some of the best selfies that went viral. The positive atmosphere that was created in the group, boosted the motivation for future actions and steps. From this moment on “Lajk it” goes viral, beware, don’t miss joining the hippest new thing in the region!

This project is financed by the European Union under the Support to Civil Society Facility 2013