This year BUM participates in the organization of a biennial cultural event dedicated to visual arts called The October Salon, which is held for the 57th time in Belgrade. The October Salon is organized under the slogan “The Marvellous Cacophony” from September 15 to October 28 at several locations in the Serbian capital. Within the October Salon BUM and partners from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Belgium are organizing two events – COOLTURE and EU Art Night with the aim of popularizing contemporary art among young people in the Western Balkans.

Belgrade is probably the hottest spot in Europe. We are happy that after two years of work we can look with you at the works of great artists, set up in all five gallery spaces, said Gunnar Kvaran, curator and artistic director of 57th October, which will be held under the slogan “The Marvellous Cacophony” until October 28th.

– The concept of the salon is the diversity and the fact that there is no common denominator in contemporary art. There is no more single art center, centers are everywhere, in all countries and all continents. We tried to express this diversity throughout galleries: here in Resavska, Remont Gallery, U10 Art Center, three exhibition spaces of the Cultural Center Belgrade and the Gallery of the SANU – said Kvaran.

The October Salon brought to Belgrade a world of contemporary visual arts in all its difference and diversity. The cacophonycal structure of this exhibition is bridged by national, racial, gender, generational, class and all other categories. There are 72 artists from all over the world.