After 6 days of intensive work, the study visit to Ljubljana is over. It was organized from 2-8. April 2017 within the project “The Visions of Youth Work”, which is co-funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union. Members of partner organizations from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey, Greece and Slovenia took part in the organization of the study visit. Participants have gained new knowledge about the creation and implementation of communication strategies through the creative work with experts from the field of digital marketing. They also learned how to use social media to promote their projects and work. Visits to the Center for urban culture “Kino Šiška”; youth organization “Young Dragons” and “Druga violina” restaurant (Social enterprise that employs people with disabilities) were organized. Participants got a chance to learn through the examples of good practice about reaching and communicating with target audiences through the social media.

Besides seeing best practices, participants took part in milestones workshops and together they were defining the following criteria important for next activity, training course, implementation:: How to select organizations fitting for this project, how to select their messages and results that should be presented, how to select tools for visualization, how to visualize, how to make communication strategy, how to apply communication strategy and how to evaluate, control quality, fix and do it again.

The members of the consortium will continue their cooperation in the future with the goal of expanding and deepening the knowledge they gained during this study visit.