The rise of Internet and social networks changed almost every aspect of our lives, made it more digital and faster than ever. These changes didn’t excluded youth activism which is now largely transferred to online sphere. In such environment youth organizations all over the world need to change the way for getting support for their goals and activities. They need to adapt to the modern habits of young people in order to foster youth activism. We want to help organizations to achieve this by building their capacities to use visualization and digital communication as a tool. Speed in which we obtain, analyze and process information today left almost no space for written or spoken, and mainly rely on visual messages. We want to use this opportunity and turn it into leverage of youth organizations for reaching their aims and promote youth work.

We will achieve this through two training seminars:

  1. The first one in Vršac, Serbia, where we will work with youth organizations on their empowering to prepare digital communication strategies of their organizations and project campaigns.
  2. And through second one, which will be held in Halkidiki, Greece, in the first half of September, where we will enhance strategies of youth organizations whose activists successfully finish all tasks from the event in Vršac, with tools for social media campaigns.

If you are interested in this project, please download the Call for participants, application form and obligatory ppt slides to prepare the presentation. Deadline for applying is 4th of May, 2017.

Project “The visions of youth work” is co-funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union.