A panel: “Wake up the BuNT! in you”

10 May 2003

A panel: “Wake up the BuNT! in you” was organized on May 10 in the Youth Center by the Youth Council of Belgrade and Balkan Youth Union.

The goal of this panel was to discuss longing and eagerness of young people to leave the country. The panel had been initiated by results of a national research on young people that shows over 60% of those who are eager to leave Serbia. We intended to have young people of all profiles as attendees: high school students, freshman college students, college students, employed and unemployed, marginalized groups, representatives of ethnic and religious minorities etc. They all had one thing in common – a dilemma: TO LEAVE OR TO STAY? and none of them had a clear vision or plan of their future. On the other hand, guests of the panel were also young people, fully accomplished in their professional life, who were able to set an example and impact a solution to the mentioned dilemma with their advice and attitude.

Guests of the panel: Biljana Srbljanovic – a dramatist, Jelena Stupljanin–an actress, Rebeka Srbinovic–a politician, Vladan Jugovic–a psychiatrist and Petar Petrovic–anarchitect. The moderator of the program was IvonJafali – a TV presenter (TV Studio B). The event was attended by approximately 200 young people. The panel was followed by 5 TV channels: RTS, 3KANAL, STUDIO B, TV METROPOLIS and RTV B-92 that have prepared a special 30 minutes report shown in prime time – May 12 at 08:00 PM.