An educational seminar named Training for trainers “T4T” took place in Belgrade, from 6th to 8th of March 2003.
The main topic of Training for trainers “T4T”:


Belgrade seminar was the third consecutive training for trainers within a continual education of non-government sector activists. Similarly to previous educational seminars held in Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, the training in Belgrade gathered representatives and activists of many non-government organizations from Serbia and from the region. Representatives and members of new-formed non-government organizations from ex-Yugoslavia countries that were interested in participation have also attended the seminar in Belgrade.

Attendees came from various areas of work and interests: culture, politics, education, human rights, democracy development, interethnic tolerance etc.

The goal of this continual education of NGO representatives and members from the region was introducing them to basic principles of conflict resolution, mastering skills of negotiation and communication and preparation of attendees for their future activities in the area of conflict resolution, negotiation processes establishment and cooperation within their communities.

Members and representatives of following NGOs have attended the seminar:
# First and Last Name Organization Address

1 Barbara Čufer Mirovni inštitut – Ljubljana, SLO

2 Zoran Telalbašić NDC, – Sarajevo, BiH

3 Vanja Božić NDC – Sarajevo, BiH

4 Amar Prašović NDC – Sarajevo, BiH

5 Dušanka Pribičević – Gelb – Mali Korak – Zagreb, Hrvatska

6 Marija-Dubravka Uzelac, Mali Korak – Zagreb, Hrvatska

7 Karmen Ratković – Mali Korak – Zagreb, Hrvatska

8 Jasmina Čolić – UG Inicijativa Mladih – Sarajevo, BiH

9 Martin Pinterič – KUD TeaterFraj – Brežice, SLO

10 Klavdija Aničić – DNK – Ljubljana, SLO

11 Katarina Dimeska – NDC – Skopje, Makedonija
12 Katerina Koneska – PDAS Medaši – Skopje, Makedonija
13 Biljana Stojanoska – PDAS Medaši – Skopje, Makedonija
14 Irfan Subašić –  Alternativni institut – Zenica, BiH
15 Adela Beriša – Forum demokratske alternative – Sarajevo, BiH
16 Jovana Jovanović – Balkansko Udruženje Mladih, Beograd

17 Nebojša Pažun – Balkansko Udruženje Mladih, Beograd

18 Nenad Dimitrijevic – Protecta – Niš

Complete organization of “T4T” seminar in Belgrade was carried out by BALKAN YOUTH UNION including organization of technical support and human resources recruitment.

All activities were coordinated by following representatives of BUM:
– President: Vladimir Ðumić
– General Secretary: Nebojša Pažun.

Organization of the seminar included:
· concept preparation and definition of the program,
· preparation and printing of the program (agenda),
· printing and provision of following material,
· engagement of facilitators, cameramen, photographers, workshop assistants,
· engagement of protocol writers,
· enabling a venue for seminar,
· provision of accommodation and organization of participants’ time in Belgrade,
· preparation of reports.

The third consecutive “T4T” seminar was enabled and financially supported by Fund for an Open Society.