Balkan Youth Union (BYU) and EBCO Balkan – Belgrade office, both as a members of PEACE POLICY NETWORK in Serbia, organized a public stand in Knez Mihailova street on 12th  of June, and on BELGRADE

SPORT FESTIVAL (18th  and 19th  of June) for the purpose of collection of the faces (photographs) for MILLION FACES petition as a part of the global CONTROL ARMS campaign.
12th June, 2005

Belgrade, Knez Mihailova street – CONTROL ARMS Stand

BYU and EBCO Balkan activists and volunteers (8 people) hold a stand at the beginning of the Knez Mihailova street.

Activists and volunteers of BYU and EBCO made photographs of visitors of the stand, explaining about the campaign and distributing flyers “Small arms is a weapon of mass destruction”.

The stand was active from 12 till 17.00 hours, and during that time we collected more than 90 “signatures” – photographs for the Million Faces campaign, distributed more than 1.200 flyers and 300

posters all over Knez Mihailova street. For some people we provided printed T-shirts from the campaign – with a Control Arms logo on the front – 56 pcs.

The stand was covered by banner CONTROL ARMS and all around Knez Mihailova street we placed posters (Every minute someone is killed by gun”).

The whole activity was covered by two TV stations (Studio B and B-92) and Beta News.

The report was broadcasted on those two TV stations in the evening News edition at 7 (Studio B), and at 7.15 on B-92 as 4th report. It was a report about the activity, its supporters, donors and couple interviews with citizens that supported the campaign by photographing for the Million Faces web site. The same activity was a subject of the radio programme on Radio Idea on Tuesday, 14th  of June, where two representatives from BYU (Vladimir Djumic and Igor Djajic) described the campaign, this activity, about its supporters, donors and announced next action on Ada Ciganlija for the Belgrade Sport Festival.